Choosing the right style Christening Gown

Traditions and the time of the year you are planning your child's Christening can determine the final decision in choosing the right style of Christening Gown. Christening Gown styles have come a long way since the traditional full length white gown the Victorians introduced us to. Taking into consideration the fit, style and accessories can be great fun, if not a little overwhelming with all the choice available.  

Using the best materials for your Christening Gown

We work with delicate materials such as silk, satin and lace to be soft on your baby's skin. All our outfits are beautifully hand crafted. They are offered in a range of different sizes as we know that babies can often be in-between sizes. 
All our items across our website have detailed information on the measurements to make choosing the right size easier.
Whether you are looking for something traditional or a more contemporary style Look Mummy have a beautiful range of Christening wear for you to choose from such as, Boys Ivory Silk Suit with Piping Trim and Ivory Silk Christening Gown.

Add even more uniqueness to the individual outfit by personalising it!

Personalising your Christening Gown

This personal touch service allows you to add embroidered detailing to the dress. Information of the ceremony, child’s name and Christening date. This can also be done to our range of Christening Shoes, Christening Shawls and Christening Bibs. 
To learn more about any of our individual products available at, browse our collection.