Christening Wear

Starting your own traditions.

Christening wear come with many traditions. Up until the seventeenth century, young babies were tightly wrapped in swaddling clothes and carried to the font in a “bearing cloth”. This was a large square piece of silk, edged with trimmings of gold lace and braid.
The Christening robe, as we know it today, evolved in the mid-eighteenth century when babies were freed of swaddling at an earlier age. In white silk, the earliest surviving examples have a front opening which was either fastened with ribbon ties or left open to show a petticoat beneath. The decorative curving lines of braid are similar to those applied to women’s gowns of the period

Princess Charlotte becomes the seventh royal baby to wear the historic Honiton lace christening robe. Do you and your family have any traditions that you want to upkeep and pass down or are you looking to start your own?
At Look Mummy we have a variety of traditional silk and lace gowns to more modern play suits. Please take a look

Alongside gowns we cater for other Christening Wear such as shawls, bibs and shoes to complete the outfit for the special occasion . Here are some reviews that our clients have written about our products.

Ellen m.
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Love the christening shoes
I bought these shoes for my nieces christening and they are beautifully made. They arrived in good time before the event and packaged well.

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