Finding a unique Christening gift

The christening of a child is one of the most important social ceremonies any young family can experience, and it’s a day of celebration for the baby’s parents, Godparents and other members of the family.At this time, the baby is too young to keep any memories relating to the big day, so it is up to the parents and the family of the child to make sure that there are plenty of things to look back on when the child gets older. Look Mummy has this covered with many beautiful personalised gifts!

Well-planned Christening gifts are usually welcome surprises! 

At christenings and birthdays especially, you don't want your gift to be identical to all others. So why not make the extra effort to personalise a present? 
It's guaranteed to stand out and bring bigger smiles!

Personalised Gifts

Look Mummy offer an embroidered picture which is the perfect personalised gift that will become a family keepsake to treasure forever. This product is embroidered onto a blended Irish linen to give the material a softer finish. The material is a natural colour with a choice of 4 embroidery colours: baby blue, pink, silver or gold. Each embroidered picture will consist of around 20,000 stitches.

We also have a beautiful range of Christening shoes, that can be personalised with all the important information of the day. Although of course gifts do not always have to be given on the day of the actual ceremony.

Something truly unique that the family will appreciate such a thoughtful gift.

Contact our sales team if you have any specific ideas you are trying to achieve, we will be happy to help.