Get the complete Christening outfit from Christening gowns to personalised shoes with Look Mummy

Look Mummy specialise in Christening gowns but we also offer so much more. Look Mummy is a family run business based in Rushden in Northamptonshire. All of your baby's clothes are individually made by hand by highly skilled craftsmen with many years of experience. This means you get something as uniquely special as the occasion itself.

Perfect Christening Gown for a Summer Christening? 

Look Mummy have you covered for a complete Christening outfit for your baby on their special day.

Christening Gowns

We offer beautiful full christening gowns, romper suits and dresses. These are hand made by the best materials such as silk and lace. We have various styles depending on your taste and traditions of the day. Take a look at our designs

Christening Shoes

Our shoes are made by hand using the finest silks & satins. This is to ensure maximum comfort and lifetime endurance. We have lots of styles for both girls and boys with cute detailing such as bows, flowers and stitching.

Christening Shawls

We can never bank on the weather in the UK and some churches can still be very cold even in the Summer so this is a perfect addition to the outfit. Available in different styles be sure to follow the link.

Christening Bibs

Looking for that final piece to complete the outfit then a Christening Bib is it. We all know how wet babies can be and if they are teething at the time of their special day then you do not want to spoil the outfit by them being wet through or having to use another bib that becomes an isaw in all the photos of the day.

Make every item extra special
Look Mummy can offer you a unique finish to all of the above items in making them personalised. 
This means you can never forget any of the days details. When placing your order you can add details such as your baby's name, date of special day, church name, godparents names. This is an extremely popular add on to our Christening wear so do not miss out. 

Contact us if you have any specific ideas. 01933 411460. We look forward to helping you get the best for your child’s special day.